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COVID 19 and Worry-Free bookings

[...]You can book with confidence, knowing you get a full refund if you give 24-hour notice[...]
[...]We put your booking on ice or move it, and then we put a cherry on top - Free Zero-Risk Insurance[...]

COVID-19 and Worry-Free Bookings

New updates come in rapidly, and no one seems to know what lies down the road. Speculations on such matters are not our specialty, so we want to focus on you, an existing or a potential customer, and how we intend to make things easier. We will outline our policy, our measures regarding the virus, and offer some exciting deals. Yes, you heard me, Coronavirus deals.


Our Policy

We have made no alterations to our cancellation policy and do not intend to. You can book with confidence, knowing you get a full refund if you give 24-hour notice (1 day) prior to the start of your rental. If you pass the 24-hour mark or pull a no-show, we still only retain 30% of the total and refund the rest.
Simple as that.


Our Measures

We are using extensive sterilizing treatments on our campers, with two passes on all surface areas that are presumed to be touched more than once. It isn't a large area to clean, so we're confident we can sterilize the whole thing each time. We also sterilize our lobby 5-6 times a day (yes, that often) to reduce any chances of spread. If a company like ours becomes the source of a Corona Virus spread, it would be unfavorable for us, so we have vested interest in keeping you infection-free.


There are a few scenarios that still might cause concern. Let's address those.

Worst Case Scenario 1 - Stuck in Iceland:

You're in Iceland and healthy, but your country has closed its borders, or all flights are canceled, and you are stuck in Iceland. We offer all customers that get stuck in Iceland due to closed borders as a result of the Corona Virus, a free extension of the camper rental until borders open up. We won't leave you on the streets. The only limitation is that we ask you limit your daily driving to 50km a day.

Worst Case Scenario 2 - You get sick:

You get the virus when in Iceland. You are legally bound to stay at a hotel in Iceland for two weeks as you conquer the illness. The stay is mandatory, but at no cost to you. The most significant danger to most under fifty-year-old individuals (in our mind) is that you infect someone ill or elderly. Thankfully, not a very likely scenario when campervan traveling around Iceland, nor in quarantine by the Icelandic government, for that matter.


Already have a booking? Intend to cancel? Read on.

To some, the rather mild nature of these "Worst Case Scenarios," or our safeguard policies, will not matter. And that's completely reasonable. For others, weak lungs, old age, or poor health could be a deciding factor. Some have restricted travel options already, not able to come, regardless of intent. For those, we already have a Full-Refund cancellation policy in place. Can we do more, though? Hold on to your booking (at least for now) and get the Another Time deal.


Another Time - Deal

We put your booking on ice or move it, and then we put a cherry on top - Free Zero-Risk Insurance. That's our most comprehensive insurance option. Have it already? We'll pay you back for the insurance right away, but you keep the coverage. Existing rentals that have a start date between March 15th and May 15th are eligible for the Another Time deal. 

  1. Get free Zero-Risk insurance added to your rental for free.
    1. Or we refund your already purchased Zero-Risk insurance, and you keep the coverage.
  2. Send us the new dates you have in mind, and we'll send you back an offer you can't refuse.
  3. Don't select new dates, and freeze your booking.

Deal Duration: Started. End date not yet decided.
CampEasy reserves the right to stop this deal at any time.


Want to Book? Not quite sure?

We already have a full-refund policy up to the 24-hour mark, with only 30% retained if you are unable to cancel within that timeframe. You can cancel the booking by yourself in the client area at any time. That will not change. But we can do better than that.


The Coronawhat? Deal

Free Premium Insurance with every rental made from today. Yes, a comprehensive insurance package now comes free of charge for all camper rentals for bookings made in the next 17 days.

Deal Duration: Started. Ends on June 1st
Check your camper price


The 2021 Deal

FREE Premium insurance, insane Early Bird discounts, and Full-Payment discounts to boot. Book now for 2021 with the best deal on the market. (Fully refundable) Up to 80% 2021 discounts, and a minimum 30% off for any 2021 bookings, if you book now.

Deal Duration: Started. Ends on June 1st.
Check your camper price


Exchange Rates in your Favor

Current exchange rates are also working in your favor, with the Icelandic Króna valued at 150 ISK for 1 Euro, and 135 ISK for 1 USD. Euro exchange rates are the most favorable they have been in 5 years. The USD exchange rate hasn't been this favorable in decades, except for one spike that lasted a few days in 2015. That's another 10-20% off your booking right there.

Airlines Are Working With Us

Many airlines are offering free date changes, and even free upgrades or extras if you are willing to change dates, rather than cancel. By choosing any of these options, you are, in many ways supporting a continuing competitive environment in the travel and tourism industry. Plus, there are some strong financial incentives, like the one we're offering. If we see multiple airlines and other service-oriented businesses go out of business, the platform will change, and not for the better. 


Best Case Scenario 1

The whole thing blows over fast, and you got THE bargain.


Best Case Scenario 2

You rent with us, and something comes up. No matter, you have a 100% refund-policy on your booking.


If you have questions, please reach out to us at

[email protected]

We can not wholly adhere to our 24-hour reply promise just this moment, due to load, but we are getting close to catching our tail. 

We hope to see you in Iceland.

Arnór Hauksson
Co-Owner and CMO at CampEasy


Edit - 14. March 2020
We are back on track with 24-hour replies, and intend to keep it that way.