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Does the camper have a toilet or shower?

No, none of our campers have toilets or showers. Showers and toilets are complicated in custom built campers and we want things to be simple, easy.

Summer (April - September):
There are loads of gas stations, shops, restaurants and other facilities where you can use the bathrooms. Campsites will always offer toilets and most of the time they will have showers. We also recommend you take advantage of the geothermal pools you'll find in (almost) every town you come to. These swimming halls take advantage of the natural hot water in the ground and take little energy to operate. In addition, there are loads of natural geothermal pools out in the wild in Iceland. Going to one of those is an adventure in and of itself.

Winter (October - March):
Gas stations, shops, and restaurants are still abundant, but campsite facilities will become limited. We recommend you take a look at our Winter Camping section for an updated list of camping ground access.