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Planning a trip to Iceland – Digital assistant for camper travel

Driver Guide is a new product developed by Origo, a large software company here in Iceland. We have wanted to offer a better solution for our customers for a while, and we think the Driver Guide is the answer. Driver Guide is at its core a software solution aimed at assisting anyone wanting to travel around Iceland. It‘s implemented in two ways; a tablet in the camper and an itinerary creation tool. Let‘s take a look.

Map of roadtrip in Iceland

The Tablet

CampEasy has offered the tablet for free in the camper for a while now, with great success. The immediate attractions are the tools for safety. The tablet comes with direct access for weather monitoring and road conditions. We recommend everyone to start the day with a quick check on the weather and what the roads are like in the area. The tablet functions as a tracking device, allowing us to pinpoint your location to provide assistance and for you to know your own location in case of emergency. While you are driving, it will alert you if there are hazardous weather conditions, eruptions, floods and other issues in the area through the ICE SAR network. The tablet also offers a good Wifi connection for up to five electronic devices at a time. There is also a chat feature, which connects you directly to CampEasy for easy communications, instruction articles on how to operate everything in the van, a news feed for local news and more.

The Main Attraction

But those are only the clever little extras that you can access in the tablet, now for the main part. The tablet comes loaded with fully functional turn-by-turn navigation, with a trip builder feature built in. With the help of the Icelandic Road Guide (map makers), we‘ve added practically every location there is to see in Iceland, all the waterfalls, ravines, hot springs, natural hot baths, beaches, gas stations, information centres and so on. If you want to plan your trip you can do so in the tablet, adding locations for each day and then navigating there using the tablet. You can also pick from a list of custom made itineraries made by us here at CampEasy and our friends that thrive in the world of travel. Browsing these itineraries is also a great way to get ideas and add to your route. Also, say you don‘t want to plan an itinerary, the tablet suggests interesting nearby locations as you are driving around without any need for an itinerary.

It's Free

It‘s free and comes with every camper. It sits comfortably in the resting place we‘ve made for it in the window. You get all the features for free, except the WiFi, which comes with a 700 ISK fee for each day of usage. It covers multiple devices at once, so for many, it‘s well worth the investment. Especially if you have a laptop, tablet, wifi enabled camera or any other device without a sim card.

In the next few months

We want even more out of the concept though. So we‘ve started work with Origo (our software partner) to adapt the trip planner to a browser interface. Whether it‘s on your Mac, Pc or tablet, you can sit at home and look up any locations that come to mind, add it to your itinerary and it will be waiting for you in the tablet when you arrive. In addition, we want you to be able to include any activities you want to try out. So you book your Natural Hot Bath ticket in the tablet, your Ice Climbing and your Ferry ticket! To top it off, once you've finished your trip, we'll provide you with a map of Iceland, outlining your trip and where you stopped. We‘ll be rolling out the first edition of these additions in the next 3-4 months on our website, so stay tuned for that.

We are delighted with the tablet the way it is, and our customers' reaction to this addition in our campers has been great. It makes it easier to find winter camping locations, points of interest, contacting CampEasy, monitoring weather, especially with the live warning feed from Ice Sar, and so much more. Yet another reason to choose CampEasy for your road trip in Iceland.