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What kind of insurance do you recommend?

That's not easy to answer.

The only times we've had bad reviews and bad experiences is when a camper comes in with damages. It's always hard for all parties and we've tried hard to safeguard everyone involved. We've lowered the self-risk to a more reasonable 300.000 ISK. We take high-resolution photos of every angle of the camper before it goes out. That way we can refer to those images in order to never charge our customers for damages they did not cause. We recommend the customer does the same, although we provide full access to the images we take. We now sign off each and every camper as it is returned and do a thorough inspection of the vehicle right away. That way we drastically reduce cases where damage charges are made after the customer leaves.

We experience cases where people regret not having purchased additional insurance and we also have loads of customers with all the insurance options that never need to use them. It's just the nature of insurance.

We can tell you that the most popular options are SCDW, Gravel Protection, and Premium Insurance packages. There are a lot of gravel roads in Iceland and you should always be careful when driving behind another vehicle. We recommend you read the policies of the included CDW and that you make sure that you can afford the CDW deductible (self-risk) of 300.000 ISK. If you can't, we recommend you buy the Premium or SCDW. You can "gamble" more when you can afford it.

We also recommend that you keep in mind that damages due to -

  • Climbing on the roof
  • Driving into rivers
  • Driving over uneven terrain and big rocks that damage the chassis

- are NOT covered by the insurance. Your CDW is void if you do this and you are responsible for all the damages. Read the TM policy terms for more detail on CDW exceptions. You can find them here.

We also recommend that you look up what kind of insurance you already have. Such as Travel Insurance, Credit Card Insurance etc.