Access Your Booking

Log in to our customer backend with your email address and order number.

There you can arrange pickup and dropoff and transport from the airport and add extra options to your booking.

Wire transfer booking accepted

Wire Transfer Instructions – Important to read.

We accept Wire Transfer, but there are extra steps that need to be taken.

When you confirm your wire transfer below, your camper is NOT automatically reserved for you. This only happens with PayPal or Credit Card. This is because we have not had a confirmation of payment. Instead of the automated booking being created, we get a request with all your information and are standing by to create the booking.

Once you have sent a payment confirmation directly through the bank, your booking is confirmed.

1. Confirm the Booking Request.
2 . Choose to pay 100% or 30%.
3. Use the wire transfer service available to you and send a confirmation directly through them to
4. You get a confirmation email once the booking is confirmed.

If the camper has been reserved by someone else in the meantime, you will first get suggestions on available alternatives and if that does not work for you, you get a full refund.

Account and payment details

CampEasy ehf.
ID: 540213-1350
IBAN: IS46 0140 2600 0806 5402 1313 50

Bank: Landsbanki Íslands Bank Address: Fjarðargotu 9 220 Hafnarfjordur Iceland