About Us

About Campeasy & Our services

Campeasy is a family-run camper van rental in Iceland. We produce quality campers and maintain excellent customer service. We place a high value on our customers and everyone that comes through our doors. We are experts at building campers and have designed and built campers for most camper rentals in Iceland. When we take a step forward in design, others copy. We put a large focus on quality interiors and accessibility in our camper designs. We are also international and speak Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Danish and English. Learn more about us below.

CampEasy HQ

Our offices are located at Smiðjuvegur 72, 200 Kopavogur. We offer free transfer to our offices to everyone that books with Campeasy. We have a large reception area and good infrastructure to tackle anything Iceland can throw at us. We feel that the pick-up and drop-off process is just as much a part of your trip, so we make sure it's as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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Maintenance, Camperbuilding and Cleaning

The backbone of a good camper rental

We have extensive experience in building campervans. Our main designer has been in the business for over 9 years. Every time we upgrade our fleet, we upgrade our designs.

The backbone of a good camper rental. We run a fully licensed garage/workshop and have a rigorous maintenance schedule for all our campers.

Just as important as a good maintenance team and facility, we have a fully equipped cleaning area and work to deliver every single camper in perfect condition.

CampEasy Team

The elite in everything Campervan related in Iceland

CampEasy Arnor Nori


CMO and IT

Marketing strategy, concept building and the go-to guy for anything IT in the company. Reads more Sci-Fi and Fantasy than most and loves to work in the evenings.

Employee Eggert


Service Manager

Runs the day-to-day operations at Campeasy. The go-to guy for the entire crew. Has a raw sense of humor and a guitar expert. Winner of Troubadour contests and Football Manager Marathons.

Employee Gummi



With years and years of experience, Gummi can fix anything in a car. He likes his Caviar and Slátur.

Client Area


Fleet Manager

Responsible for the fleet, both for the campers on the road and the ones on the lot. If you find Gylfi anywhere, it will be on an important call somewhere or cruising around Iceland on his motorcycle.

Employee Haukur


Product Development

A Dirt Bike fanatic. Hawk has travelled the world over and raced dirt bikes in every corner where you have access to fuel. Can do pretty much anything that involves a power tool or wrench. Our lead-designer on Campervan builds.

Employee Paul


Service Agent

Speaks fluent German, French and English. With years of experience in customer service, you can only hope Paul will be your agent when you pick up your camper.

Employee Pawel


All-rounder / Camper Builder

Pawel never seems to go home. Is a stand-up comedian in Poland and won't stop working. We're still trying to get his family to move to Iceland so we can keep him forever.

Employee Tedda



Tedda is an expert in financials and makes sure we can continue building our company. She is one of the few women in the world that is competing in Enduro and Motocross around the world at age 50+.

Employee Dossi


Fountain of wisdom

Straight-backed and straight shooting, Dossi is our oldest team member. He's always ready to tackle anything and has probably done it several times before.

Employee Yoann


Social Media Guy / Service Agent Supervisor

Yoann has two passions: Iceland and Surfing. An instant hit at Campeasy and now manages Social Media and supervises the reception with Eggert.