4 June 2013

Iceland has some of the most incredible 18-hole golf courses in the world, according to numerous sources. During Iceland’s summer months, the famous midnight sun makes for a one-of-a-kind golfing experience.

Golf courses in Iceland are noted for their extreme beauty and natural contours, which include mountains, ocean views, and lava rock formations. Most courses are formed in tribute to the first golf courses in Scotland, the home of golf.

Golfers can pick up a golf card for convenience. With a golf card, players have access to 29 courses in Iceland; prices differ depending on the card chosen. For example, prices can range up to 94 euros for two adults and one child under 16.

Popular campervan rental company in Iceland, CampEasy, is offering an intimate experience with the Icelandic countryside. With a campervan, golfers can travel at their own pace to any of the various golf courses dotted around the country.

Each campervan contains a bed, sink with running water, heating system, radio and CD player, kitchenware, and duvet. Additionally, a professional mechanic checks each van before the rental period begins.