Easy accessories





Easy start pack

1 table, 2 chairs, it can be nice to have a chair and a table to use outside on a sunny summer day in Iceland.

Price per rent: 4.900 ISK.





Extra chair

1 camping chair.
You can add as many chairs as you need.

Price per rent: 1.500 ISK.





BBQ  (High Quality)

Quality travel BBQ unit from O-Grill. A must for any BBQ lover. Gas included in price.

Price per rent: 4.500 ISK.






Built in Wi-Fi in all campers. You will get a 4G connection and Unlimited data for 5 users.

Price per day: 700 ISK.





Inverter (Recommended)

1 inverter to charge your phone,camera, computer and ect. Changes 12 v to 230 v.
Simply plug to the cigarette lighter in the car and charge your devices.

Price per rent: 2.900 ISK.





Headlamp - Black Diamond Storm (High Quality - Battery pack included) Headlamp - Black Diamond Storm

Top rated headlamp with multiple features. Perfect for darker nights at the campsite, hiking in the darker months and general safety.

Outfitted with a sealed, waterproof housing and 250 lumens of power with both red and green night vision modes.

Price per rent: 2.900 ISK. (available after May 15)



Lantern - Black Diamond Voyager



Lantern + Flashlight - Black Diamond Voyager (High Quality - Battery pack included) 

A truly clever combination of a lantern and a flashlight.
An ultra versitile lamp / flashlight that's an ideal companion on your camper trip.

Price per rent: 2.900 ISK. (Available after May 15)





Trekking Poles - Black Diamond Trail Back

Trekking Poles - Black Diamond Trail Back (High Quality) 

A great addition for any hiker.
Trekking poles make your hike easier, safer and reduce the impact on your lower body.
Get into the rhythm with quality Black Diamond trekking poles.

Price per rent: 3.900 ISK. (Available after May 15)





Acoustic GuitarExtra-chair_2

Acoustic guitar and case for those cosy nights at the campsite.

Price per rent: 4.900 ISK.






Campeasy Songbook

Created by our very own Trubador and Service Manager. Selected songs to fit the Icelandic vibe.

Price per rent: 1.000 ISK. / Free with Guitar. 







ESPRO Travel Coffee press (High Quality)

High quality travel Coffee Press from ESPRO. Stainless steel filters.
Award winning design and sturdy build make this the optimal travel companion.

Price per rent: 1.500 ISK.






ESPRO P7 Coffee press 18OZ/0,5L (High Quality)

The P7 is the king of all French presses, and the culmination of ESPRO efforts to design and engineer the ultimate way to make coffee and tea.

Price per rent: 2.000 ISK.







ESPRO P7 Coffee press 32OZ/1L (High Quality)

The P7 is the king of all French presses, and the culmination of ESPRO efforts to design and engineer the ultimate way to make coffee and tea.

Price per rent: 2.000 ISK.






Icelandic Map

Icelandic Roadmap. Two types available:

1. English, German and French.
2. Iceland, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese).

Price per rent: 2.500 ISK.







Soft, quality towel. Save space in your luggage and rent a towel from us.

Price per rent: 1.500 ISK.








GPS navigation system

1 GPS navigation system, don´t get lost in Iceland.
Save and use your time well in Iceland so you can explore even more and be guided with GPS system.

Price per day: 1.600 ISK kr.






Fuel discount card

The fuel discount card is one of our easy way to save. You will get discounts at all N1 fuel stations at 88 places around Iceland

Price per rent: Free






Extra driver (Recommended)

Standard rental agreement is set for one driver only. Extra driver will get the same contractual rights and obligations as well as insurance coverage per contact. Please be advised, drivers not registered in advance will not be insured!

Price per rent: 4.000 ISK kr.






Camping card

The card gives two adults and four children up to the age of 16, free camping at 42 camp sites around Iceland For more info click on this link: www.campingcard.is

Price per rent: 18.900 ISK kr.






Baby chair

Safety of your child is important, we offer three sizes: 0-9kg, 9-18kg and 18-36kg.
European requirements and standards fulfilled.

Price per day: 600 ISK kr




Zip Bags


Zip Bags

Zip Bags to store your food, wet clothes and other assortments while you are on the road.
Very convenient and recommended for those whol like to keep things tidy.

Price per box: 700 ISK. (30 bags)










CDW insurance (included)

CDW insurance is included in all off our rentals. self-risk is 300.000 ISK.
Please note that none off the insurances covers tyres and chassis (Underneath the car) that is always on your responsibility.
Please read Terms 17 insurance for more detailed information.






SCDW insurance (Recommended)

We recommend SCDW insurance. SCDW insurance provides the same coverage as the CDW (included in all our rentals) but in addition your self-risk fee will be reduced from 300.000 ISK down to 100.000 ISK.

Price per day: 2000 ISK kr






Gravel protection (Recommended)

When driving in Iceland you are more than likely to drive across gravel sections. Gravel protection is an optional damage waiver which covers damage from gravel roads to the body of the car, windshield and the headlights.

Price per day: 1.300 ISK kr.





Premium Insurance Package

Every insurance in one single pack. The best option to be totally covered. Hire this option and you will have all of the following insurances SCDW + GP + TP + SAAP.

Price per day: 4.500 ISK kr.






Theft Insurance TP

Theft protection (TP) covers theft of the rented vehicle. If you choose this insurance the self-risk fee, in case of thefts, will be 0 EUR.
If not the self risk depends of your insurance CDQ or SCDW.

Price per day: 900 ISK kr.





Sand and Ash Protection SAAP

This optional insurance, available for some vehicles, covers ash/sandstorm damages to the paint, windows, lights and components of the car. By purchasing SAAP the self risk in case of damage from sand and ash is lowered to 100.000 ISK.

Price per day: 1.350 ISK kr.