Safe travel

One of Iceland‘s most unique features is its weather. Ranging from unpredictable to impossible to predict. And it can change in a heartbeat.

So we recommend coming prepared. Always have some good outdoor clothes with you when you travel around Iceland.

Almost all the mountain and inland roads have loose gravel surfaces. Even the so-called highways can have fairly long stretches of gravel surfaces.

The sides of the roads are especially slippery so please be careful when driving around Iceland.

The maximum speed in Iceland is 90kmh/56mph on paved roads and 80kmh/50mph on gravel roads.

If you plan on going hiking (which we most definitely recommend), please check the weather forecast just before leaving. As mentioned before the weather can change very quickly so even a two day weather forecast can be quite inaccurate.

Please refer to this website for more information on safe travel in Iceland.