Why CampEasy?

Why choose CampEasy to go camping in Iceland?

Renting a camper in Iceland with CampEasy combines a unique driving experience with comfortable camping accommodation, allowing you to explore the country at your own pace.
Our campervans are fully equipped with everything you need to make your holiday in Iceland both memorable and comfortable.




All our vehicles are equipped with a Webasto heater.
Webasto is the top brand for heating system for campervans and that’s why we choose it to keep you warm all night, summer or winter.

We have coolers that functions even when the engine is turned off.
We choose WEACO cooler so your food will stay cold throughout your journey in Iceland.

Extra car battery that accumulates power when the car is running to keep the battery charged at night.
We want your traveling in first class so we installed an extra car battery to ensure heat and power throughout your journey.
No need to worry about the cars battery running out of electricity.

We provide you with all equipment needed for the journey:
Sleeping facility
· Gas stove
· Linen, pillows, duvet
· Cookware & kitchenware
· Sink with running water
· Refrigerator/Cooler
· Manual with detailed informations.
· Extra battery
· Webasto heating system
· Radio/CD

Free FlyBus to Reykjavik.
When you book with us we send you a free voucher for the FlyBus to Reykjavik where we pick you up at the bus station or your hotel at opening hours.
Drop off anywhere in the Reykjavik area without any charge.

Our campers are always in a good condition, clean and ready for your adventure.

No hidden fees.
There is no limited mileage or extra fees on the cars.

Our vehicles are easy to drive like any normal car with all the equipment you need.

Go and explore Iceland in a campervan, it’s easy and you will stay happy!