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Specials - Always something new!

Only applies to bookings that come through

Spring Special

Spring Special

Get 10% off every camper if you book for the spring season. It stacks with the seasonal spring discount for a total of 45% off! Grab your free Wifi and Inverter as well with the Driver Guide Special.

Driver Guide Special

A full navigation system and comprehensive trip planner now comes FREE with every camper. To celebrate, starting today we offer FREE Wifi and Inverter with bookings for Winter and Spring season. More about Driver Guide.

2+ Camper Special 2+ Camper Special

2+ Camper Special

Book 2 campers or more at once for a 5% discount on all rented campers. Send us an email, and we'll send you a coupon code!

Repeat Customers Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

Send us your email with the booking number on your last rental, and we'll send you a coupon.
Note: The Last Name on your new booking must match the Last Name on your previous booking.



Simplified - Special deals for those that want to go big, book early or pay up

Only applies to bookings that come through

Simplified - Early Bird Simplified - Early Bird

Simplified - Early Bird

Get an additional 3% discount for every 2 months you book in advance.

Simplified - Committed Simplified - Committed

Simplified - Committed

Choose 100% payment on checkout for an additional 3% discount on your camper.

Simplified - Long Rental Simplified - Long Rental

Simplified - Long Rental

Book for 4 days and get 3% off the camper. For every 4 days you add after that, you get an additional 3% discount.



Seasonal - Less traffic, more discounts
Spring Spring


35% off all campers
15. March - 14. May

Summer Summer


25% off all campers
15. May - 30. June

High Summer High Summer

High Summer

Free Easy Start Pack with every rental
1. July - 14. September

Fall Fall


30% off all campers
15. September - 31. October

Winter Winter


45% off all campers
1. November 2018 - 14. March 2019



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